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Accessories You'll Need (or want) While Kayaking

Okay, you really only need 3 things while kayaking: a kayak, a paddle, and life jacket. Depending on the type of kayaking you do, you may also need a helmet and a sprayskirt. Everything else is extra, but some of those extras are really nice.

A kayak

Of course, what kind of kayak depends on you. There are several types, from sit-inside to sit-on-top, from ocean kayaks, white water kayaks, to squirt boats

A paddle

You need a paddle to steer and propel yourself. Someone in your group should also bring a spare paddle, especially if you are going on a long trip.

A PFD or lifejacket

Kayaking is usually pretty safe, but there is always a risk of drowning when you are around water. Reduce that risk with a life jacket.

A helmet

You won't need a helmet if you are paddling on a lake, but if you are kayaking down a swift river or creek, this is an essential piece of safety equipment.

A sprayskirt

A sprayskirt will help keep you dry, and keep water out of your sit-inside kayak.

A whistle

Mandatory by law in some places, a whistle is a simple but effective piece of equipment to signal that you need help.


Gloves help to prevent blisters, protect your hands from scrapes, and help keep your hands warm.

Water shoes

You'll want a pair of shoes meant to get wet.


A GPS not only tells you where you are, but some can track where you've been.

First Aid Equipment

You may want to carry with you a few basic first aid supplies.


On a kayak you are surrounded by water, but dehydration can be a major problem. You may want to bring some drinking water with you.

Bilge pump

If your kayak gets full of water from waves, tipping over, or a leak, a bilge pump will help you get rid of that water. The alternative is paddling to shore and turning your kayak upside down to get the water out.

Throw Bag

A throw bag, or rope bag, is a bag with a long rope in it. Throw this bag to help rescue a buddy.


If you get tangled in fishing line or rope, a knife can help you set yourself free.


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